Company Objectives

  • To purchase or manufacture or hire agricultural machines and implements inclusive of Power Tillers, Power Plough, Thrashers, Tractors, Pump sets, Pipes etc.  either to sell or supply  on hire  purchase basis or on hire
  • To purchase or manufacture industrial machinery either to sell to supply on hire purchase basis to cottage/ small/medium/large scale industries.
  • To promote, establish, maintain and manage the business relating to the manufacture, purchase and sale of any type of product based on any type of fruit & vegetable.
  • To act as an agents on behalf of the Central and State Governments, Corporation/ Organization or any institution or concern for distribution of agricultural machinery and inputs and other allied articles.
  • To arrange procurement or manufacturing and distribution of organic and chemical fertilizers, seeds, pesticides etc.
  • To undertake rural electrification programs, lift irrigation programs, small hydro power projects etc.  For the attainment of the main objects there are several incidentals or ancillary objects as per the registered bye-laws.